It’s difficult to buy a guitar online, sight unseen, so many of our customers wonder, are Zager Guitars any good? Find out if a Zager Guitar would be any good for you.

There’s a reason Zager guitars rate in the top 5% of acoustic guitars today.

Custom neck design

The minute you hold a Zager guitar you immediately feel Denny’s 60 years of research in designing a neck that feels good no matter what your hand size.  Players say it feels “natural” like an extension of your body.  It’s slim front to back allowing you to get your hand around it with ease.  It’s also wide enough (but not too wide) so that with Denny’s custom string spacing you’re not leaning on adjacent strings creating buzzes and rattles.

Lower string heights

Any guitar builder can lower strings, very few can do it without buzzing and poor sound quality.  Few players know that if string height is too low it destroys sound quality.  If you look closely at Zager guitars you’ll notice low string heights on frets 1-10 where players spend the majority of their time, but action rises over the sound hole for better tone and easier picking with the right hand.  This also allows you to really get into it and play aggressively with no buzzing. Denny also incorporates a custom adjustment setting on his guitars so you can dial in string height specifically for your style of play.

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