As thousands of reviews have been written about Zager guitars over the last 51 years, we have captured the most prominent and posted them here. You will also find links on this page to the most popular guitar review websites and guitar publications where you will find even more current reviews.

Rated top 5% of guitars in USA 1700+ reviews
YellowPages perfect 5-star rating 64+ reviews 1500+ reviews
Sitejabber reviews 700+ reviews
Reseller Ratings 700+ reviews
Harmony Guitar reviews 1800+ reviews
Ultimate guitar reviews 900+ reviews
Ebay power seller 22 years 7,000+ reviews
National Viewpoint rating 13 years 100+ reviews
WorthePenny180+ reviews
Judge Me 6000+ reviews (ZAD900) 15+ reviews (ZAD20E) 10+ Reviews

ZAD900CE Acoustic Electric

ZAD80CE Acoustic Electric

ZAD50CE Acoustic Electric

4/5 Size Parlor Mahogany

7 Time NAMMY Winner Jim Boyd

Professional Studio Guitarist Dale Herr

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Review of the Zager ZAD-50 Acoustic

Guitar Shootout…Martin D-35 Versus Zager ZAD-80

Zager ZAD50 Review

Zager…Best Acoustic under $2500

Zager…My New Favorite Guitar

ZAD-20 Review with Grammy Award winning Producer Doc Holliday

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ZAD-900 Review

Testimonial from Guitarist with MS

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