What makes Zager easier to play?

If you look at our guitars closely you’ll notice some key characteristics that you won’t find on other guitars.  One is a very comfortable natural neck design that’s easy to get your hand around.   You’ll also notice lower string heights and much lower string pressures.  This allows you to come over the strings at a more perpendicular for better accuracy and you can form chords with much less finger pressure which allow you to move faster on the fretboard.

Another thing you’ll notice is custom string spacing which creates room for your fingers so when you’re forming chords you’re not accidentally touching other strings creating buzzes and rattles.  You’ll also see a special fret design with softer material that takes away string “bite” and overall finger fatigue, as well as a custom nut and saddle design, and a custom bracing system which produces one of the best sounds in the acoustic world today.

It’s because of Denny’s lifetime of research that Zager guitars receive some of the highest ratings in the guitar world today. It might also have to do with that Denny still works on each guitar personally one at a time in our shop unlike larger companies who produce 500 guitars a day where the owners could never have one on one time with each instrument.

What makes a Zager Guitar easier to play?