Servicing Your Guitar



Due to the pandemic we are currently backed up 3 months on service work.  If your guitar has a simple buzz or doesn’t sound correct 99% of those issues are fixed easily with water or string replacement.  Our help page will guide you with buzzing issues at   You can find our strings at

All guitars need to be serviced. Even with little play seasonal changes and damage from dryness will make a guitar that once played perfectly buzz, rattle and sound horrible. Denny Zager has serviced thousands of guitars over the last 50 years and therefore he knows how to restore your guitar to exact Zager specifications.  Since we’re a small family owned shop with little overhead we don’t charge $500 for a service as the larger companies do.  Instead we do everything they do (and more) for a flat fee of $340 and ship your guitar back to you fully insured with no additional shipping costs, professionally boxed in a new heavy duty Zager Guitar shipping container. Your guitar will be handled with care and you’ll be taken care of like family.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • 10 days in our acoustic humidity chamber to return your guitars woods to its optimal humidity levels.
  • New hand carved bone saddle (Denny builds new saddle specifically for your guitar)
  • New hand carved bone nut (if needed)
  • New bridge pins
  • Full neck reset
  • Truss rod neck angle adjustment
  • Full fret filing of sharp or uneven frets
  • Fret dress and polish
  • Full fret board cleaning and conditioning
  • Tuning gears tightening and adjustment (will replace gears if needed)
  • Installation of new battery on acoustic/electric models
  • Replace entire wiring harness if loose on acoustic electric models
  • Reset of transducer on acoustic electric models
  • Full check of the electronics system
  • Installation of new Zager strings
  • Comprehensive full detail clean and polish
  • New signature (if needed)

Service does not include

  • Repair or replacement of electronics
  • Crack repair
  • Bridge replacement
  • Inoperable truss rods

If you would like your guitar serviced complete payment and send your guitar fully insured to the address below. (We can’t insure packages we do not pack)   Turn around time varies but is usually under 12 weeks.

Zager Guitars
6494 Boulder Ranch Ave, 200B
Henderson, NV 89011


If you need a case, strings or other accessories add them to your order now and we’ll include them when returning your guitar saving you $79 shipping fees.