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Previous Winners:

Jeremy Gardner Jeremy Gardner (10/31/2019)
Allie Allie (9/2/2019)
Allie Jeffrey Ball (8/13/2019)
Allie Harold Crantz (7/22/2019)
Jake Wilson Jake Wilson (7/5/2019)
Mary Cavill Mary Cavill (6/22/2019)
Drea Gordon Drea Gordon (4/17/2019)
Hank Orr Hank Orr (3/7/2019)
David Lee David Lee (2/25/2019)
Gabrielle Ready Gabrielle Ready (2/14/2019)
Robert Winograd Robert Winograd (2/5/2019)
William Dodenhoff William Dodenhoff (1/29/2019)
Damian Bush Damian Bush (1/15/2019)
James King James King (1/3/2019)
Todd Dean Todd Dean (12/22/2018)
Louis Davila Louis Davila (11/25/2018)
Mark Stenininger Mark Stenininger (11/8/2018)
Dan Lynch Dan Lynch (10/27/2018)
John McCann John McCann (9/3/2018)
Sadie Reams Sadie Reams (8/8/2018)
Raul Medina Raul Medina (7/16/2018)

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