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38 inch Parlor Size Solid African Mahogany Acoustic
38 inch Parlor Size Solid African Mahogany Acoustic
38 inch Parlor Size Solid African Mahogany Acoustic
38 inch Parlor Size Solid African Mahogany Acoustic

38 inch Parlor Size Solid African Mahogany Acoustic

In Stores: $1000+ Our Price: $795 Sale: $695 - 1 Available

4.73 out of 5
Rated in the top 2% of guitars in the USA
Harmony Central (1200+ reviews)
Ultimate Guitar (900+ reviews)
47 year AAA+++ Better Business Bureau rating
17 year Ebay feedback rating with  10,000 documented sales.
13 year Zager Guitars National Viewpoint Rating
5 Star SiteJabber Reviews
10/10 score at Reseller Ratings
Perfect rating on
  • 38 inch Parlor size easier for small players but still provides a rich sound.
  • Solid wood construction sounds better every year as it ages.
  • Most players buying our Parlor are coming from Taylor GS Mini and Little Martin

Denny designs his parlor guitars for players who love the feel of smaller guitars but not the smaller sound. The Zager Parlor series guitars provide you with excellent playability due to their 2 inch shorter scale neck design making them easier for smaller players, but Denny gave it a slightly larger box so sound is richer and deeper.  It won’t sound like our OM or Full size guitars but our customers say it has the best sound of any small guitar on the market today.  The 2 words we hear from players when describing our parlor guitars are “comfortable” and “fun”. Read more

60 years of playing, performing and teaching has given Denny an advantage over the majority of guitar builders today. Denny understands the demands of the professional player because he is one. He discovered there are certain key elements that make a great guitar, and with that knowledge he created our 38 inch Parlor Series. Elements like solid wood construction, high quality hardware, a custom neck design that feels good in your hand, string spacing that allows you to move faster on the fret board, that simultaneously prevents buzzes and rattles, combined with a special bracing system that produces one of the best sounds in the guitar industry today. Magazine reviews and customer testimonials say the Zager 38 inch Parlor outperforms guitars from the top 2 guitar makers at twice its price. Where else are you going to find a custom handmade guitar worked on by a Master luthier for under $700?  100% money back guarantee including shipping fees both ways. Lifetime warranty.

  • 38 inch Parlor size easier for small players and children but still provides a rich sound.
  • Solid wood construction sounds better every year as it ages.
  • Hand carved bracing for greater movement of the soundboard providing a richer sound.
  • Slim neck design feels natural in your hand making it easier to form chords.
  • Custom string spacing for greater speed and accuracy (and less rattles).
  • Zager soft touch fret design for less string bite and finger fatigue.
  • Adjustable truss rod to raise or lower action depending on your playing style.
  • Special ultra thin high gloss finish allows more movement of the body for deeper sound
  • Hand carved bone nut and saddle. (Found on predominantly $1500+ guitars).
  • Hand laid abalone inlay rosette with pearl fret markers.
  • Genuine Grover tuning machines (best in the world).
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty



guitar dimensions
Parlor Size Dimensions
Height: 38 inches
Box length: 19 inches
Waist: 9.75 inches
Widest bout: 14.75 inches
Depth: 4 inches
Scale: 23.5 inches
guitar dimensions
4/5 Parlor Size Style
25% smaller then our full size guitars. Close in size to our Orchestra Model (OM size) guitars but with the 2 inch shorter scale neck design that makes it easier for smaller players.
guitar topmhgy
Mahogany Top
The most important part of an acoustic guitar is its top. The top acts like a speaker. When a string is plucked energy is transferred to the top and the top starts to move. Mahogany has all the characteristics of a great tonewood; its weight and strength allow for well-defined ranges of tone as well as strong volume. It's a little harder wood with better projection and real character in the grain. It works easily and displays beautiful figure, everything from straight-grained to flamed, quilt, curl, and mottled.
See full build sheet
zager guitar
Mahogany Back-sides
One of the most popular tone woods used on acoustic guitars today. If you’re looking for punchy bass, solid mids and sparkling highs mahogany is the wood you want on your next guitar. Acoustic guitars in general tend to live in the midrange portion of the sound spectrum, and mahogany in particular displays this characteristic best. Mahogany's tendency to emphasize midrange tones gives this guitar a rich full sound no matter the playing style. You can fingerpick, strum, or flatpick and mahogany always delivers.
neck mhgy
Mahogany Neck
Mahogany—one of the most popular tone woods used on acoustic guitars for the last 50 years
travel size solid electric guitar
Mahogany Headstock
Mahogany is lightweight yet strong, and its timeless look is used on many quality guitars. The guitar head stock configuration is a registered trademark and is used under license from C.F. Martin & Co. Inc. of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA.
guitar rosette mhgy
Abalone Rosette
Abalone type inlay is found on only the highest quality guitars. Laid by hand one piece at a time, the color and translucence of each piece changes with different amounts of light. Not only does it add to the look of your guitar, but it also adds to the value.
high gloss finish
High Gloss Finish
High-gloss finish provides excellent protection but at the same time is extremely light and elastic. This is a crucial point in both the sound of the guitar and its ability to age—which is what makes a guitar sound better year after year. A thick finish muffles a guitar's vibration and blocks aging.
guitar truss
Custom Adjustment Setting Truss-rod
Denny designs his guitars with a truss rod adjustment setting that allows you to dial in your guitar to your particular playing style. In this way if you're a heavy handed player you can set the action higher so you can "get on it" a little for more power, and if you're lighter handed touch player you can dial in the action low so you can move faster and play longer with less fatigue.
guitar nut
Bone Hand Carved Nut
Denny hand carves his nuts from bone for each guitar so the strings are set lower with custom spacing. Lower string heights make it easier to press down to form chords and it also increases finger speed. Custom spacing allows you to move faster with less buzzes, mutes, and rattles because you’re no longer bumping adjacent strings. Custom string spacing makes it easier for all hands sizes big and small. Lifetime warranty. Break a nut and we'll replace it free of charge for life
guitar saddle
Tusq Hand Carved Saddle
Denny hand carves each saddle for each individual guitar. Denny also adjusts the intonation settings to bring the guitar harmonically in balance with itself. This not only makes your guitar easier to play, but it also makes it sound more powerful. Customers say our guitars fall into tune easier and stay in tune longer...this is one of the reasons why. Denny uses only genuine "Tusq" brand saddles on his guitars which you generally only find on higher dollar acoustics . Lifetime warranty. Break a saddle and we'll replace it free of charge for life.
zager ez play guitars
Zager Custom Lights Strings
Zager custom strings are designed by Denny exclusively for his Guitars. We have customers using all brands and gauges of strings on our guitars with excellent results (Elixir, Martin, Fender, Gibson, D'addario) but these are the strings our customers seem to like the most on our guitars. Hand wound daily in our shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Zager Soft Touch (Hand Filed) Frets
Denny hand files each fret one at a time on every guitar that leaves our shop. By filing the frets Denny achieves two important things. When sliding up and down the neck your fingers will no longer get irritated and sore and you won't suffer from what we call "String Bite" and overall finger fatigue. Secondly, when you file the frets by hand each fret will have the same uniform height. 9 times out of 10 when you have a buzzing string it has nothing to with your playing, it’s because you have a guitar with a fret that’s sitting away from the fret board hitting a string.
life time warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Our warranty is simple. Lifetime on all guitars. A quality guitar should be made to last a lifetime and if it doesn't it wasn't a quality guitar to begin with.

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