Zager “Easy Play” Guitars were created by Master guitar builder Denny Zager to play easier than any other guitar. What makes a Zager so easy to play?

Lower string heights: So you barely have to press to form chords.
Custom string spacing: So you’re not accidentally bumping other strings.
Lower string pressure: Increases speed & accuracy, reduces buzz.
Perfect quality control: Each guitar worked on personally by Mr. Zager

This guitar was modified by master guitar builder Denny Zager of Zager Easy Play Guitars. Denny also wrote “In the Year 2525” the biggest one hit wonder in world recording history selling over 20 million records.

We acquired some inventory from Mr. Zagers discount vault and this is one of those guitars. Zager guitars rate in the top 2% of acoustic guitars made today and are endorsed by the American Arthritis Foundation and National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

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