Returns USA

Even though our guitars rate in the top 2% in the world sometimes a guitar no matter how good it is is just not the right fit. It’s for this reason we are the only guitar company with a true 100% money back guarantee that includes shipping fees both ways.

The only thing we ask is that your guitar is in the same condition we sent it to you meaning:

  • no scratches, marks or damage
  • it must have its original strings
  • no modifications or adjustments including strap pins, tuners or pickguards installed
  • it must be correctly packaged as described in our packing video
  • All returns must be within 30 days of the original purchase date as posted on our Guarantee page and FAQ page.

Unlike most guitar shops who have 3 day return policies that require you to pay all shipping, handling and insurance fees both ways, we extend our guarantee to 10 times that amount (1 full month) and pay ALL shipping, handling and insurance fees both ways…we pay for everything.  We also do not charge when sending 2nd guitars in exchange situations which helps our customers not go over their bank limits. We are the only guitar company in the world who offers this and we’re very proud of it.  We could never in good faith resell a guitar that was out over 30 days as a brand new guitar to another customer. Other shops sometimes do this sort of thing but our 47 year reputation is the highest in the industry and we do not. We do go the extra mile for customers though who are looking to sell a used guitar as we have many customers looking for used guitars so if you like you’re more than welcome to send us your contact information and we can forward those customers your way

If these requirements are not met the package will be refused.

To initiate a return simply fill out the form below and press submit.  As soon as we receive your information we’ll email you a Fedex return label so you can drop your package at any Kinkos Fedex retail store or hand it to any Fedex delivery driver and they’ll take it away free of charge. If you’re submitting over the weekend expect an email Monday morning. 😉

As soon as we receive your guitar and Denny completes his final inspection we’ll issue a full refund including shipping fees both ways.