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We cut out the middleman so you can get a guitar that would cost nearly twice the price in a retail store. No wonder Zagers have so many 5 star reviews.

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See Why People Are Switching From Martin, Taylor & Gibson to Limited Edition Zagers

Johnny Cash Guitarist

“Over the last 65 years I’ve played the best from Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson, but at this moment in my opinion Zager is making the best acoustics in the business today.” - Dave Row

Bruce Springsteen Guitarist

“This guitar is one of the finest acoustic guitars I have ever played. The neck is just the right fit, the touch is outstanding and most of the all the sound is big and clean.” - Garry Tallent

Masterfully Built.

Zager guitars are not mass produced, and are carefully crafted one by one, with upmost attention to detail. Unlike other box-store brands, when you purchase a Zager, you can be certain it's going to be built with precision, carefully inspected, and fine-tuned to near perfection.

Meet The Builder

Designed for Incredible Playability.

By using a custom neck width to string spacing ratio, low string heights, small frets, a thin neck profile and delicate soundboard bracing (to reduce string pressure), we've managed to produce an acoustic that plays as easily as an electric guitar. Say goodbye to hand cramps and hello to clearly articulated notes. Your hands will thank you.

Garth Books Guitarist

“I have played many, many guitars in my lifetime, but Zager has impressed me the most. It’s well made and the sound that comes out, coupled with the ease of playing it makes it one of the best I have owned.” - Mark Greenwood

More Guitar For Your Money.

Zagers are not sold in retail stores. By cutting out the middleman—your money goes directly into high-end components and time consuming masterful craftsmanship, not box-store retail markups, sales commissions, marketing or artist endorsements. That's why Zagers compare to Martins and Taylors costing twice the price.


Don't Pay Until You Play.

We understand that buying a guitar over the Internet feels risky, and that's why we offer a 14-Day Free Trial. Simply order the model you are interested in, and we'll ship it out to you the very next day. After 14 days, if you decide to keep it, you will be billed in 3 easy monthly payments. If you're not absolutely in love with it, send it back, and you won't be billed a dime. How's that for a guarantee?

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