Zager Pro Hardshell Wood Case with Digital Humidity Sensor


Zager Pro Hardshell Wood Case with Digital Humidity Sensor


Available in ALL sizes….we’ll match up the correct size case for your guitar during packing.

Why put your guitar at risk for cracks and damage from climate changes that can ruin it forever.  Leaving your guitar in the open air exposes its woods to temperature and humidity changes which can cause warping and cracks. By keeping your guitar in a controlled atmosphere it guarantees your guitar will play, sound and look perfect 25 years from now. Rather a small investment considering it can increase the lifespan of your instrument 10 fold.

This hardshell plush case is designed to keep your instrument safe with EPS foam construction creating support for the neck and a thick plush charcoal padded interior that delicately protects the body of your guitar. The digital humidity/temperature sensor is accurate to +/- 2% at 70% humidity.  This case also includes chrome-plated hardware and a key lock with a spare key that will keep your instrument safe from tampering.

  • Hardshell plush wood case
  • Through bolt locking system
  • Triple chrome plated latches
  • Digital humidity sensor accurate to +/- 2% at 70% humidity
  • Padded interior pocket
  • EPS foam plush interior
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty