OM Size

Our OM (Orchestra Models) size guitars are 15% smaller than a full size guitar, so the waist is a little bit smaller and the width front to back is a little slimmer too. You’ll still get a great tone from this guitar though, as it’s not really small like a travel guitar. It’s very comfortable to play and my father actually prefers the OMs because they’re easier to get your arm around. If you find a full dreadnought too bulky and big, go with the OM as it’s just a bit smaller and more comfortable to play. I hear this from OM owners all the time. The majority of our customers these days are coming from Martins and Taylors, generally $1500-3500 guitars. The feedback we receive is very positive. They say we match or better in sound and finish quality but our playability is 30-50% easier and our prices are about half since you’re buying direct from our shop and not the retail chain stores.

Here’s a link to our Compare Sizes page where you can see the OMs against the other models:

Parlor size

This video features the Parlor Mahogany with sound demo and shows you the guitar’s details.