Are cases included?

We offer our cases separately as we have many veteran players buying our guitars who already own cases and we don’t want to force them into buying another.   We have 2 types of cases and offer them at wholesale cost on our cases page.

Here’s a video that shows both cases up close:

Do I really need a case?

Guitars kept in a stand or hung on a wall are 10 times more likely to warp and crack.  If a solid wood instrument is exposed daily to a blowing vent or hard sunlight it will warp and eventually crack and become unplayable.   We have guitars 25 years old come into the shop that look and play like new because they were stored in a case.  We also see guitars under a year old that are warped and forming cracks because they were stored outside of their case exposed to sun damage and dryness.

ABS molded case vs wood case

The molded is $250 case retail. It’s extremely strong and extremely lightweight. If you’re using it a lot for travel I would highly recommend the ABS molded case. If you just need a case for the occasional gig and around the house for humidity control and protection, the stitched wood case is excellent.
Here’s the link to the ABS Molded case if you wanted to add it to your order:
Zager ABS Molded Hard Shell case
I made a video comparing the two cases up close so you can compare them:

Can you ship safely without a case?

Yes, we have been shipping guitars around the world for so many years we have it down to a science. We don’t try to upsell our cases, but if you order the case with the guitar you get free shipping on the case as we don’t charge for them to ship together. If you don’t want the case that’s no problem. We have many players who have extra cases or just don’t need one, and this is why the case is sold separately. We’ll ship your guitar with an extra smaller box and more bubble wrap around it for added shipping protection. Also don’t forget there’s full insurance on your package; should anything show up with damage you’re fully covered.