ZAD80CE vs ZAD900CE (video)

If I have a player coming from a $4000 Taylor 9 or Martin I’ll usually recommend our 900 Series because if you’re used to that kind of detail and quality you get on a $4000 guitar our 900 matches or betters except we usually outperform on playability.  Our 80 Series has been one of our best selling guitars for close to 20 years now. I’ve had customers coming from Taylor 9, 8, 7…Martin D28, D35 who absolutely love the 80 Series.  The 900’s are more ornate…much more detail with the hand bent maple binding.  Sound wise I give a 20% edge to the 900.  Playability wise I give a 15% edge to the 900.  Here’s a video comparing the 80CE vs 900CE side by side: