ZAD50CE vs ZAD80CE (video)

The Zager ZAD50 and ZAD80 series are our best selling guitars. Both have extreme playability levels as my father works on each guitar by hand using his String Science system. Both guitars also incorporate the use of solid woods which mature with age giving them a deeper more powerful sound that gets better year after year. The main difference between these guitars is the woods. The 50’s have a Sitka spruce top with mahogany back and sides which gives them a slightly louder, brighter sound.

The 80 Series has Indian rosewood on the back and sides with a red cedar top which produces a more mellow, slightly richer and deeper sound. The 80’s also have full inlay around all edges of the face, a rosette around the sound hole, inlay on the fret board, along with gold plated Grover tuners.

Playability wise both guitars will be the same so if that’s your primary concern the 50’s a bargain. If you read magazine reviews and customer testimonials you will will see a lot of players who used to own higher level Taylor and Martins going with the 80 Series because it matches those guitars aesthetically but playability is anywhere from 20-50% easier and price is about half since you’re buying direct bypassing the retail store. We also have many customers choosing the 50 Series because it offers that same great playability for a lower price. If I have a customer who can’t decide this is what I tell them. If you want the look, feel and sound of a $1500+ guitar, but with better playability go with the 50 Series….it’s a lot of guitar for the money. If you want a guitar that outperforms many guitars in the $2500+ range and plan on keeping it forever passing it down to your children go with the 80 Series.

Regardless of your decision remember that we’re the only guitar company in the world who offers a 100% money back guarantee that pays shipping fees both ways if you choose to return it meaning you can try one in your home without risking a penny.
I have a brand new video comparing both guitars right here: