Small hands

My fathers guitars are made for players with small hands and short fingers. If you look at our guitars you will notice some key characteristics that you will not find on other guitars. One of those is a very slim front to back neck design. When I say slim I mean the distance from the back of the neck to the front of the fret board. What this means is people with smaller hands and or short fingers are all of sudden able to put their hand around the neck and form chords with ease. It allows you to come down on the strings from a more perpendicular angle so you’re no longer having to reach over other strings muting them out causing buzzes and rattles. One other difference you will find with our guitars is the space between the strings side to side. This custom spacing creates room for your fingers so when you’re forming chords you are not accidentally touching strings that you don’t want to creating buzzes, mutes and rattles. Combine this with lower string heights, lower string pressures, and a multitude of other features that my father builds into his guitars and you can see why his guitars receive the ratings they do. It might also have to do with the fact that he works on each guitar personally unlike other guitar manufacturers that use assembly lines with people who don’t have 60 years of experience.

I also have a video about this here: