Recommendation for petite small stature player

The OM, Parlor, and Travel guitars are slightly smaller and because of this you’re going to lose a bit in the sound department unplugged. If you play for yourself and like a guitar that’s easy to get your right arm around and don’t need a lot of volume to cover a room then you would be happy with the smaller guitar. Playability is identical on all our guitars as the neck size is the same. I have many customers who feel a full size dreadnought is just too bulky and uncomfortable to play for very long. Denny plays an OM because he likes to lounge on the couch and play all afternoon. The smaller Parlor and Travel guitars are fun and portable, although the OM will have the best (fullest) sound of the 3. If you read through the testimonials for the Travel and the Parlor, their sound is enormous for the size compared the a Baby Taylor, for example. The Parlor is a nice in-between model that is about the same size as the OM but bigger than the tiny travel model. If you want the smallest acoustic possible, go with the Travel.

You can see all of our guitars side by side with measurements on this page:

Also check out this brand new video we did on the topic “Which size is right for me?” because it includes sound demos and you can see the comparison in sizes while Denny plays: