Guitar Set Up, Tuning & Adjustment Videos

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Not only is Denny a world-class musician, he’s also a professional guitar builder.  These full length feature videos will show you all of the little secrets Denny’s learned from working on guitars over 60 years. You’ll learn things like…

  • How to restring your guitar the professional way (acoustic & electric)
  • How to fine tune your guitar the professional way (acoustic & electric)
  • In depth discussion on strings (when to change, shelf life, what to buy)
  • Simple things that you can do to make your guitar play significantly easier
  • What to look for when purchasing a new or used guitar and how NOT to get taken
  • In depth discussion of the Zager String Science and how to make your guitar play 50% easier

This additional expertise will save you countless hours of frustration, and possibly a damaged instrument. It’s virtually impossible to place a dollar value on what this amount of information is worth simply because so few people have it.  Denny will be adding new guitar tuning & adjustment videos to his online video library all year long.