Classical nylon models

My father doesn’t build classical nylon strung guitars because their necks are so wide (usually over 2 inches) it makes them really hard to play. Many players like my father use the thumb of their left hand to form chords and that wide of neck makes it literally impossible to do this. I think this is why over 90% of guitars made today are steel strung like our own. Many large handed players think they need a large neck and that’s true to a point, but unfortunately their string spacing is still narrow so you’re still bumping strings and missing chords like on smaller necked guitars. My fathers guitars have custom string spacing so you’re no longer bumping adjacent strings but the neck is still easy to get your hand around. Combined with lower string heights and lower strings pressures so you barely have to press to form chords and all the other little things my father builds into his guitars and playability increases exponentially. If you like follow this link to read reviews from customers who used to play nylon strung guitars who now play our custom steel strung guitars because they’re easier on their fingers.