“2525” 900CE Black Lacquer Limited Edition deal

Customers have been asking Mr. Zager to build this guitar for such a long time that he gave in and built a small amount of “Black Lacquer” ZAD900CE’s that he’s making available to a few select buyers at a very special price. The first buyers will also receive a copy of the #1 song of 1969 “In The Year 2525,” hand signed personally by Mr. Zager.

Each buyer will also receive a FREE $700 GEAR PACKAGE

  • Free Zager pro ABS digital humidified case $199
  • Free lifetime membership to Mr. Zager’s Guitar Lesson Library $295
  • Free years worth of Zager custom EZ-Play pillow touch strings $89
  • Free years worth of Zager carbon guitar picks $39
  • Free Zager leather padded strap $48
  • Free Zager pro stainless capo $39
  • Free Zager clip-on tuner $25
  • Free expedited shipping $79