Metallic Splatting Sound Playing Chords

If you’re experiencing a metallic splatting sound playing certain chords Mr. Zager’s grandfather created a hydration method you can do in 72 hours that will make your guitar play and sound like it did when new.  This method has been used over 75 years by millions of players on all brands of guitars with about a 99% success rate.  Once the process is complete simply maintain humidity over 55% (we keep our shop at 65%) and you will have no other issues.  

What to do

Place your guitar standing up on a wall facing you. Take 5 soaking wet washcloths, wring them out and drop them into the bottom of the guitar and plug the sound hole with your Zager humidifier. If you don’t have a humidifier you can cover the sound hole with a baggie, but it’s important to seal the moisture in. Let the guitar sit standing up and you should be good as new in 72 hours with no buzzing. The video below will guide you.

When woods get dry the face lowers 1 millimeter which throws off the geometry of the instrument causing buzzes, rattles, poor sound and multiple issues. This is true for all quality solid wood guitars made by all manufacturers but happens more frequently on higher level instruments with thinner hand scalloped bracing which give you deeper sound and easier playability. This method of sealing moisture inside the body raising humidity to 90% puts the woods back into their original position.