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Zager Guitar Review from Steve Giordano - Guitarist with MS

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John Mall Says Thanks Denny Zager

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Zager Guitar Music Therapy & Education Foundation was created by Denny Zager after he nearly died from a stroke that left him partially disabled.  When conventional therapies failed Denny was able to rehabilitate himself doing what he loved most in his life…playing guitar.

Every year people suffering from Heart disease, Stroke, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes and many other diseases use the power of music therapy to help their conditions and even heal themselves when conventional methods fail.


It’s a fact that children who play instruments do much better in school than those who do not. Why is it then that the guitar, which is the most popular instrument in the world, is not offered in schools as part of the music curriculum?  The main reason is cost. Quality guitars that are easy to play are not affordable for most school budgets. The other reason is lack of qualified instructors. Very few guitar teachers have 70 years of experience and internationally acclaimed teaching systems used by millions of players globally.

Zager guitars is going to change all of this.

As Zager Guitars builds the easiest playing guitars in the world and owns the oldest guitar instruction library on the World Wide Web, Denny felt he could help others as he helped himself and has now devoted his life to giving the gift of music to those in need.  We’ve developed a program where we will provide our custom Guitars to people in need and provide teachers and their students instruction materials for classes via our online guitar lesson library.

If you or your company would like to help contact Dennis Jr. direct at as we would love to have your support.