Artists for July

Bruce Springsteen’s Band Founding Member Garry Tallent

bruce springsteen usa
Garry Tallent in the Studio
Garry Tallent in the studio with his Zager ZAD80CE

“This guitar is one of the finest acoustic guitars I have ever played. The neck is just the right fit, the touch is outstanding and most of the all the sound is big and clean.” —Garry W. Tallent, founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

Garth Brooks guitarist Mark Greenwood

mark greenwood
Mark Greenwood trying out a Zager
Mark Greenwood with his Zager ZAD80CE Aura

“I have played many, many guitars in my lifetime, but Zager has impressed me the most. It’s well made and the sound that comes out, coupled with the ease of playing it makes it one of the best I have owned.” —Mark Greenwood

Johnny Cash guitarist Dave Roe

Johnny Cash guitarist Dave Roe
Over the last 65 years I’ve played the best from Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson, but at this moment in my opinion Zager is making the best acoustics in the business today.”

Celine Dion Lead Guitarist Andre Coutu

andre coutu and celine dion
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Andre Coutu - Celine Dion Guitarist - Testimonial for Zager Guitars

Andre Coutu & Celine Dion playing live in Las Vegas

“Hello Denny, I received your guitar today and what a great instrument it is! I really like it a lot. It almost sounds like a piano. Very crisp and articulate, perfectly in tune. A very musical guitar. I like the fact that it’s light weight. The neck is very easy to play everywhere, I can bend the strings easily and there’s no buzz at all. The sound is focused, full range, nice bottom, solid mids, rich and round highs. Plus, I think it looks awesome! Thank you so much, I really appreciate that guitar. Please, say hello to your father for me, I’m a big fan of his song “In The Year 2525.” I was only 8 years old when it came out but I remember it very well, even if I lived far, far away in Chicoutimi province of Quebec, Canada, and that brings me back a lot of good memories. Best regards and if you’re ever around Las Vegas and would like to see Celine’s show please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to arrange something for you. Thank you again.”

Blood Sweat & Tears Tom Bowes

professional singer tom bowes
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Professional Singer Songwriter Tom Bowes share his Zager Guitars Reviews

Tom reviews the ZAD-20E with Deluxe Black Lacquer Finish

Over the years, Tommy has had the pleasure of performing along side a wide range of artists including Ray Charles, YES drummer Alan White, Roger Daltrey, Dave Mason, Queen Latifah, The Doobie Brothers, Michael McDonald, Spike Edney and Jamie Moses from Queen, Mark Hudson, Greg Adams, Will Lee, Michelle Shocked and many others. He can also be heard in some major motion pictures including, White Palace (Universal – 1990), View From the Top(Miramax-2003) and Shaolin Soccer(Miramax-2004). He has written throughout his musical life and is now proceeding in a slightly different direction, getting back to a simpler style of acoustic music. 

Hank Williams’ and Loretta Lynn’s Daughters

cissie lynn
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Cissie Lynn & Jett Williams & The Zager

The second Generation of Country Music Legends. Jett Williams (The daughter of Hank Williams Sr.) and Cissie Lynn (Daughter of Loretta Lynn,The Coal Miners Daughter’s Daughter) at QUAD studios in Nashville got together with record producer, Doc Holiday and had a a “Pickin’ and Grinin'” session, with the new ZAGER Guitars.

Grammy & Telly Award winning Record Producer Doc Holiday

international record producer doc holiday
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Record Producer Doc Holiday Talks About Zager EZ-Play Guitars

Award winning record producer Doc Holiday talks about Zager Guitars

Former Member of the Board Of Governors for The Recording Academy Grammy Awards
Voting Member Of The Grammy Awards
Winner Of 17 “Telly Awards” for Music Videos
Winner of Two 2011 EMPixx Awards for Music Videos

Television Pro Session Guitarist Dale Herr

guitarist dale herr
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Dale in the studio with his 80CE

Dale Herr recording with a Zager Guitar

“From the second you pick up this guitar you can see and feel the quality workmanship and detail for perfection that has been put into this instrument. Then comes the good part, you play it! I have a huge personal collection of vintage guitars valued at over a million dollars, and this guitar not only compares but in many cases exceeds in playing, workmanship and most of all sound quality to the legendary acoustic guitars. I personally recommend Zager to all professional musicians!” —Dale Herr

Dales written music for hit television shows “The Jeffersons”, McDonald’s restaurants, “Who’s the Boss”, “Married With Children,” “Desperate Housewives,” “The Simpsons,” “That 70’s Show.”

GODSMACK’s Sully Erna Band Guitarist Chris Lester

chris lester
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Chris Lester Zager ZAD80CE

Chris Lester reviews his Zager!

Chris Lester has fronted multiple bands in his day, playing bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, keyboards, and vocals. While on the road with his current projects he prefers his Zager 80CE and 900CE.

American Idols Ayla Brown with 2016 Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

ayla brown
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Ayla Brown - Hero In Her Hometown

Ayla Brown from American Idol with 2016 Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee

Ayla Brown, daughter of former US Senator Scott Brown, is known for her singing on American Idol. She recently released a patriotic album, Heroes and Hometowns, the proceeds of which goes to a charity supporting US military veterans.

#1 Rock band in Belgium Scabs Guitarist Guy Swinnen

guitarist guy swinnen
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Guy Swinnen reviews Zager guitars

Guy Swinnen, frontman for The Scabs, Belgium’s best rock band, reviews his Zager ZAD20

International Recording Legend Jan Buis

recording legend jan buis
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Jan Buis Still got the blues

Hi Denny. When I arrived at my brothers house the guitar was already there. Curious as I was, I immediately unpacked it and started to play. Wow, what an experience! The guitar looks great, sounds fantastic and plays extremely easy.. I’m very happy with my new instrument and I will tell all my colleagues in the Netherlands about you guys. Keep up the good work.

Regards, Jan Buis
Heerenveen, Netherlands

2016 Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee

mike huckabee
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Mike Huckabee loves Zager Guitars!

Huckabee plays “House of the Rising Sun” on a Zager 80CE for friends while on the campaign trail

Grand Ole Opry Star Pat Severs

pat severs
Pat Severs
Pat Severs trying out a Zager ZAD80CE

“This is one heck of a guitar.  Fastest neck I’ve ever played.  I would love to take this to The Opry and have the guys play it.” —Pat Severs

A professional musician in Nashville since 1976, Pat Severs’s has worked with Johnny Cash, Trace Adkins, Hank Williams Jr., Charlie Rich, Eddie Rabbitt, Waylon Jennings, Anne Murray, Donna Summer, Don McLean, the Everly Brothers, and is the current member on the GRAND OLE OPRY.

Christian Rock Artist David Huff

artist david huff
David Huff with his Zager
David Huff with his Zager

Most widely known for his inspiring years with the contemporary Christian rock group, David and the Giants. During the 60s and 70s they toured heavily as a secular band, sharing the stage with such formidable acts as Styx, Chuck Berry, Cheech and Chong and Black Oak Arkansas. David has been in the studio with the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder and many others. David was signed with Capitol Records, MGM Records, United Artist Records, and CBS Records.

#1 YouTube Mega Artist Matt Hutchinson (@ortopilot)

artist matt hutchinson
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Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan / Adele | ortoPilot Cover

Make You Feel My Love – Bob Dylan cover with a ZAD80CE

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May You Never - John Martyn | ortoPilot Cover

May You Never – John Martyn cover with a ZAD900CE

Nashville Country Artist John Stallings

artist john stallings
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The Other Side of the Moon by John Stallings

Music video for John Stallings’s hit single “The Other Side of the Moon”

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ZAGER EZ-Play Custom Guitars PROMO with John Stallings

John Stallings talks about his Zager Guitar

Hollywood Singer Songwriter Brent Michelle

singer brent michelle
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Brent Michelle Review - Zager Guitar

Brent’s Zager Testimonial

Austin, TX based pro guitarist Tom Meny

pro guitarist tom meny
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Tom Meny Reviews Zager Guitar

Singer-songwriter Tom Meny and his 80CE

Professional Guitarist C.J. Greco

professional guitarist cj greco
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ZAGER EZ-Play Custom Guitars PROMO with CJ Greco

CJ Greco puts the ZAD20 through its paces in the studio

Experienced Guitar Player Greg Tolman

greg tolman
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"This Guitar Feels Like Home" - Zager Guitars Reviews by Greg Tolman

“This guitar feels like home” – Zager ZAD20E Mahogany testimonial

7-Time NAMMY Winner Jim Boyd

Jim Boyd
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Zager Guitar Review - ZAD-80CE Review

Jim Boyd shreds on the ZAD80CE

World Acclaimed Guitar Reviewer “Daves In Texas” testing the Zager 900

youtube guitar review
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“You will be floored at how easy they are to play!”

“My channel shows you what works best, at least for ME and what is the most affordable gear. MORE BANG for the BUCK.”

Jobonanno & the Godsons of Soul

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Zager Guitar Review - ZAD-80CE Review

Jobonanno raves about the Zager ZAD80CE backstage at the Clarence Clemons tribute concert

13 Year old Guitar Prodigy Bradley Anderson

bradley anderson
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Amazing Grace Finger Style Guitar - Digital Video Production

Amazing Grace by Bradley Anderson with his ZAD80CE

Bradley Anderson, a budding 13 year old player from Indiana plays a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace.

Touring Country Music Artist Bill Archer

bill archer
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That's The Way We Roll Round Here

Bill Archer’s new music video for That’s the Way We Roll Round Here features his ZAD80CE!

Colgate Country Showdown Champion, Kaleb McIntire

kaleb mcIntire
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Kaleb McIntire

Kaleb McIntire’s promotional video featuring his ZAD900CE

Touring Alt Country Artist Chad Lee

chad lee

Chad Lee has been honored to share the stage with such country music ledgends as: Rascal Flatts, Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Rodney Atkins, Gary Allen, Eric Church, Gloriana, Tracy Lawrence, Randy Travis, Corey Smith, Danielle Peck, Jack Ingram, Kenny Rogers…and many more.

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Right Amount of Wrong by Chad Lee. un-jammed.

Chad Lee – Raw and Un-Jammed

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Zager Guitar ZAD900CE - Fun Promo with Chad Lee

Chad Lee – Testimonial for ZAD900CE

Southside Johnny, Gary US Bonds, Jake Clemons

southside johnny
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Zager Guitar Review - ZAD-80CE Review

Backstage at the Tribute to Clarence Clemons (E Street Band) Concert

Chris Ride, “The Bad Boy of Country”

chris ride
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Chris Ride performs with his ZAD20 at Loretta Lynn’s ranch

Singer-Songwriter duo Doug and Terri Matern

duo doug and terri matern
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Doug & Terri Matern Meet a Zager Guitar at Sony Studios Nashville

A testimonial video for the Zager 80CEOM in the studio on a recording day