Guitar Giveaway

And the Winner Is…

Dr. James Gould from Vermillion, OH!

Thank you for entering the contest. If you didn’t win, you don’t have to go away empty handed.

This week only!

We’re giving anyone from the contest list who orders a guitar THIS WEEK a customer appreciation accessories package for FREE. That’s a $625 value.

To receive your Free $695 accessories package, simply put the code GIVEAWAY2525 in the notes section of the checkout page. Mr. Zager will then add the package to your order.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Zager Pro ABS case with digital humidity system $195
  • Zager lifetime lesson library package $199
  • A years worth of Zager EZ-Play custom guitar strings $99
  • A years worth of Zager Pro Carbon guitar picks $45
  • A Zager hand stitched padded leather embossed strap $48
  • A Zager pro custom capo $39

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Previous Winners:

Allie Allie (9/2/2019)
Allie Jeffrey Ball (8/13/2019)
Allie Harold Crantz (7/22/2019)
Jake Wilson Jake Wilson (7/5/2019)
Mary Cavill Mary Cavill (6/22/2019)
Drea Gordon Drea Gordon (4/17/2019)
Hank Orr Hank Orr (3/7/2019)
David Lee David Lee (2/25/2019)
Gabrielle Ready Gabrielle Ready (2/14/2019)
Robert Winograd Robert Winograd (2/5/2019)
William Dodenhoff William Dodenhoff (1/29/2019)
Damian Bush Damian Bush (1/15/2019)
James King James King (1/3/2019)
Todd Dean Todd Dean (12/22/2018)
Louis Davila Louis Davila (11/25/2018)
Mark Stenininger Mark Stenininger (11/8/2018)
Dan Lynch Dan Lynch (10/27/2018)
John McCann John McCann (9/3/2018)
Sadie Reams Sadie Reams (8/8/2018)
Raul Medina Raul Medina (7/16/2018)

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