When to change your strings

If you notice your tone isn’t as clear and precise as it used to be, a fresh set of new guitar strings will make all the difference. Denny talks about how to tell when it’s time to change out your guitar strings.

Uneven volume on certain strings when plugged in

This is very common when shipping in different climates and with fresh woods settling. Uneven volume on one or more strings can be easily fixed by adjusting the transducer under your saddle on your acoustic electric Zager guitar. Dennis shows you how it’s done in this quick video.

How to remove the bridge pins on your Zager Guitar

Changing your pins is easy with the right tool. You won’t ruin the pins or the bridge of your guitar when you do it the right way. We also offer replacement pin sets in our accessories store.

How to replace the battery of the electronics (all units)

Putting a new battery in any of the Fishman electronics units is quick and easy. Dennis shows you how on all the models in this video.

How to replace the Grover tuning gear on your Zager Guitar

Tuning gears can be easily replaced and keep your guitar looking new. Just watch this quick instructional video by Dennis and you’ll be on your way to shiny new tuning machine installation.

How to replace the nut on your Zager Guitar

Replacing the nut on your guitar is easy and fast when you do it this way. Dennis shows how to get the current nut out, and put the new one in with tools you likely have at home already. We can supply a replacement nut free of charge.

How to replace the pick guard on your Zager Guitar

Replacing your pick guard is easy as peeling a sticker. This video shows you how to remove the old pick guard and put a new one on with a helpful hint to keep it looking brand new.

How to replace the saddle on your Zager Guitar

The saddle of your guitar is a very important piece to its playability and sound. Being able to change it out quickly is very helpful and easy once you watch this quick video. Dennis shows you how to get the saddle out properly. We’ll send you a new one upon request, free of charge.

Electronics problems on an older guitar

In this video Dennis Jr goes over things to check on a guitar that’s having electronics problems. If your electronics are working but you have uneven sound issues (some strings that are quieter than others) watch our video called “Uneven volume on certain strings when plugged in.”

How to Tighten the Amplifier Jack: PART I – Slightly Loose

Dennis Jr guides you through how to easily tighten your slightly loose amplifier jack. If your amplifier jack is really loose and spinning or dangling out refer to our video below, part II.