One of the finest guitars I've ever played
Garry Tallent, Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band
ZAD80 Solid Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic Pro Series Smaller “OM” Size
ZAD80 Solid Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic Pro Series Smaller “OM” Size
ZAD80 Solid Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic Pro Series Smaller “OM” Size
ZAD80 Solid Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic Pro Series Smaller “OM” Size

ZAD80 Solid Cedar/Rosewood Acoustic Pro Series Smaller “OM” Size

In Stores: $1700+ Our Price: $1,395 Sale: $1,195 - 1 Available

4.81 out of 5
Rated in the top 2% of guitars in the USA
Harmony Central (1200+ reviews)
Ultimate Guitar (900+ reviews)
47 year AAA+++ Better Business Bureau rating
17 year Ebay feedback rating with  10,000 documented sales.
13 year Zager Guitars National Viewpoint Rating

60 years of playing, performing and teaching guitar has given Denny an advantage over the majority of guitar builders today. Denny understands the demands of the professional player because he is one. He discovered there are certain key elements that make a great guitar, and with that knowledge he created the Zager ZAD80 Series. Elements like solid wood construction, high quality hardware, a custom neck design that feels good in your hand, string spacing that allows you to move faster on the fretboard, that simultaneously prevents buzzes and rattles, combined with a special bracing system that produces one of the best sounds in the guitar industry today. Read more

Zager Pro Series guitars play a little easier and sound just a little more powerful than our regular series instruments.   The woods are aged longer.  The finish is applied thinner so the sound board moves half a millimeter more when the strings are hit providing a deeper bass response.  Each piece of abalone and pearl is laid by hand and in combination with gold grover tuners that “pop” to the eye on the red cedar finish.  Most customers buying our 80 Series are touring artists and veteran musicians coming from high level Martin, Taylor, Santa Cruz and Gibson.  Unlike our 20 and 50 Series guitars that use spruce and mahogany giving them a punchy bright character, the 80’s are constructed using East Indian rosewood and red cedar giving them a deeper, richer, more mellow response.

Pros using the ZAD80 “OM” size Pro Series say it matches or betters $2000 instruments, but with easier playability and a lower price since you’re buying direct from our workshop in Lincoln, Nebraska. Be sure to read artist comments and magazine reviews on the 80 as it consistently rates in the top 5% of acoustics made world wide. 100% money back guarantee including shipping fees both ways. It’s a lifetime instrument so it comes with a lifetime warranty.  Truly a work of art with a stunning sound that will get better year after year.

  • Smaller “OM Size” Orchestra Model.  15% smaller than full size.  Similar to Martin OOO and Taylor Grand Auditorium.   Narrower hour glass shape sits lower in your lap making it easier to pull in close under your arm.  Thinner body provides a slightly thinner sound but doesn’t overpower mics in the recording studio.
  • Solid wood construction sounds better every year as it ages.
  • Hand carved bracing for greater movement of the soundboard providing a richer sound.
  • Slim neck design feels natural in your hand making it easier to form chords.
  • Custom string spacing for greater speed and accuracy (and less rattles).
  • Zager soft touch fret design for less string bite and finger fatigue.
  • Adjustable truss rod to raise or lower action depending on your playing style.
  • Special ultra thin high gloss finish allows more movement of the body for deeper sound
  • Hand carved bone nut and saddle. (Found on predominantly $1500+ guitars).
  • Hand laid abalone inlay rosette with pearl fret markers.
  • Ivory binding detail and zipper stripe down back (Found in predominantly $1500+ guitars).
  • Genuine Grover tuning machines (best in the world).
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty


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guitar dimensions
OM Size Dimensions
Height: 40 inches
Box length: 19 inches
Waist: 9.75 inches
Widest bout: 15.5 inches
Depth: 4.25 inches
Scale: 25.5 inches
Neck width at nut: 1.74 inches
Distance from E to E strings at nut: 1.52 inches
guitar topsitka
om Top
guitar top cedar
Western Red Cedar Top
The most important part of an acoustic guitar is its top. The top acts like a speaker. When a string is plucked energy is transferred to the top and the top starts to move. Cedar is softer than spruce, and that softness translates into a sense of sonic warmth. Cedar guitars sound warmer, deeper and slightly richer. Used on only the highest quality acoustics in the world.
guitar back sides rosewood
Indian Rosewood Back-sides
One of the most popular and traditional guitar woods of all time. Where mahogany lends itself to the midrange, rosewoods sonic profile is deeper in the low end. Not to take anything away from mahogany as many players will find it difficult to tell them apart, but the dedicated ear will notice a deeper, richer, sweeter tone coming from a rosewood guitar. Many players don’t know that cedar is one of the few woods that can outperform spruce when paired with rosewood which is why Denny uses a Western red cedar top with Indian rosewood back and sides on his 80 series guitars.
See full build sheet
neck mhgy
Mahogany Neck
Mahogany—one of the most popular tone woods used on acoustic guitars for the last 50 years
indian rosewood headstock
Indian Rosewood Headstock
Indian rosewood is commonly found on high-end guitars. This wood is heavier and more dense than mahogany and also is very stable and resonant. East Indian Rosewood is dark brown with sometimes purple-brown streaks giving a pleasant figure. The guitar head stock configuration is a registered trademark and is used under license from C.F. Martin & Co. Inc. of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA.
guitar brace work
Zager Design (Hand Scalloped) Bracework
The technique of scalloping or shaving the braces can have a huge impact on the power and tone of an acoustic guitar. By shaving or reducing the thickness of the brace, it becomes more flexible and therefore lets the top move more freely. When done by a Master Luthier the brace maintains its structural integrity, while making the top more efficient. The result is faster attack, longer sustain, more bass, more power, and an overall improvement in the whole tone system.
guitar inlay
Full Abalone Inlay Inlay
Abalone inlay is found on only the highest quality guitars. Laid by hand one piece at a time, the color and translucence of each piece changes with different amounts of light. Not only does it add to the overall look of your guitar, but it also adds to the value. Our 900 Pro Series guitars have an inlay rosette around the sound hole in combination with inlay around the entire face as well as small cross fret markers going up the fret board
guitar fret crosses
Pearl Cross Fret-markers
Used on only the highest quality guitars. Laid by hand on the fret board one piece at a time. It's a very tedious, time consuming process but the results are breathtaking
Zipper Stripe Back-detail
Laid by hand one piece at a time. Adds to the overall beauty and sets off the color of the wood. Found on only the highest quality guitars in the world.
high gloss finish
High Gloss Finish
High-gloss finish provides excellent protection but at the same time is extremely light and elastic. This is a crucial point in both the sound of the guitar and its ability to age—which is what makes a guitar sound better year after year. A thick finish muffles a guitar's vibration and blocks aging.
guitar truss
Custom Adjustment Setting Truss-rod
Denny designs his guitars with a truss rod adjustment setting that allows you to dial in your guitar to your particular playing style. In this way if you're a heavy handed player you can set the action higher so you can "get on it" a little for more power, and if you're lighter handed touch player you can dial in the action low so you can move faster and play longer with less fatigue.
guitar transducer
Genuine Fishman Built-in-transducer
Fishman transducers are the highest quality transducers used in acoustic guitars today. A transducer is an amplification device placed under the saddle which allows you to plug into an amplifier and play an acoustic guitar like an electric guitar. This is all run by an on-board electronics package and equalizer that allows you to control the sound. A transducer properly installed by a pro luthier will bring out the bass response and rich ambiance of your guitar's wood. Done improperly your guitar will sound flat and have uneven tone quality.
Guitar Presys
Genuine Fishman Built-in-automatic-tuner
Ask any pro who makes the finest guitar electronics systems in the world and 9 out of 10 will say Fishman. An electronic tuner allows you to tune your guitar in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional tuning methods. Simply hit a string and the LCD indicator guides you into perfect pitch. A red and green light instantly lets you know when the tune is dead on. This is a very important tool for the new player who is trying to develop and train their ear for perfect pitch. It's also helps the professional player who wants to get in perfect tune fas
Guitar Presys
Genuine Fishman Built-in-equalizer
Fishman equalizers are the highest quality equalizers used in acoustic guitars today. The equalizer is an electronic unit that controls the sound and volume when plugged into an amplifier or PA system. There are adjustments for highs, mids, lows, and presence. Fishman EQ's are used exclusively on high end acoustics by artists such as Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney, Alan Jackson and Aerosmith to name just a few.
guitar grover gears gold
Genuine Grover (gold) Tuning-machines
Genuine Grover sealed tuning machines are found on only the finest guitars made. Look at tuners on $2500+ acoustics and you will see the majority have "Grovers." Unlike open gear tuners where the tuning mechanism is exposed, Grover sealed tuners contain a lubricant that keep the tuning mechanism sealed air-tight so the gears turn smooth and continue to for the life of your instrument. Lifetime warranty. If you have a tuner go bad we'll replace it free of charge for life.
guitar nut
Bone Hand Carved Nut
Denny hand carves his nuts from bone for each guitar so the strings are set lower with custom spacing. Lower string heights make it easier to press down to form chords and it also increases finger speed. Custom spacing allows you to move faster with less buzzes, mutes, and rattles because you’re no longer bumping adjacent strings. Custom string spacing makes it easier for all hands sizes big and small. Lifetime warranty. Break a nut and we'll replace it free of charge for life
guitar saddle
Tusq Hand Carved Saddle
Denny hand carves each saddle for each individual guitar. Denny also adjusts the intonation settings to bring the guitar harmonically in balance with itself. This not only makes your guitar easier to play, but it also makes it sound more powerful. Customers say our guitars fall into tune easier and stay in tune longer...this is one of the reasons why. Denny uses only genuine "Tusq" brand saddles on his guitars which you generally only find on higher dollar acoustics . Lifetime warranty. Break a saddle and we'll replace it free of charge for life.
zager ez play guitars
Zager Custom Lights Strings
Zager custom strings are designed by Denny exclusively for his Guitars. We have customers using all brands and gauges of strings on our guitars with excellent results (Elixir, Martin, Fender, Gibson, D'addario) but these are the strings our customers seem to like the most on our guitars. Hand wound daily in our shop in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Zager Soft Touch (Hand Filed) Frets
Denny hand files each fret one at a time on every guitar that leaves our shop. By filing the frets Denny achieves two important things. When sliding up and down the neck your fingers will no longer get irritated and sore and you won't suffer from what we call "String Bite" and overall finger fatigue. Secondly, when you file the frets by hand each fret will have the same uniform height. 9 times out of 10 when you have a buzzing string it has nothing to with your playing, it’s because you have a guitar with a fret that’s sitting away from the fret board hitting a string.
life time warranty
Lifetime Warranty
Our warranty is simple. Lifetime on all guitars. A quality guitar should be made to last a lifetime and if it doesn't it wasn't a quality guitar to begin with.

Zager Artists of the Month for April

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Model: ZAD-80

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
The ZAD 80 is a great compliment to my Martin because it is a very unique sounding guitar and is very easy to play. I would say at least 20 percent easier which is saying something because my Martin is one that I selected after trying probably 100 guitars. I have tried 3 Zagers and they are all easy to play and were very close to one another in that respect

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
The guitar is very well made and the tonal quality is fantastic. It looks great and it plays great.

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
Between 2000 and 3000 based on the way it is made and the quality of the fit and finish

How would you rate customer support?
I would rate customer support as one of the finest I have seen. The speed at which I got answers to my questions and the speed of response was exemplary

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
I already have and I will continue to recommend the guitar to others. All you need to do is try some guitars in the 2000 dollar range and then try one of these in order to know that the Zager is a better value. I have found guitars in that range that are really nice but nothing at around a thousand that is even close.

Additional comments:
Some things sound too good to be true. The Zager guitar sounds too good to be true but it is true. It really is a high quality instrument at a fantastic price with fantastic service. Email me below if you would like to know more

Lansing, Michigan
Model: ZAD-80

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
No comparison. I just sold the old one on Ebay

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
I am a novice. One of the things that stopped me from improving was finger pain from pressing on the strings. No pain with this guitar. Also, the sound is tremendous!

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
Don't know, never checked out expensive guitars

How would you rate customer support?
Excellent! Who ever heard of getting a response to an Email within minutes?

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
Excellent value, top quality, easy to play

Additional comments:
I can't put the dang thing down!

Memphis, Tennessee
Model: ZAD-50CE Natural

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
I had a seagull guitar made in Canada I started out with, and after reading the reviews on your guitars and checking out other guitars at the music stores I wanted to try one of yours. At the price for a quality guitar you sell, some of the others were far to expensive to justify. After playing your guitar and can feel the difference in the way it plays to the way my old guitar played.

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
Overall the guitar is beautiful and well built, being a carpenter and being fussy how things should be, I appreciate the time and effort, patience and pride it take to build something of quality, and I would say you have done this on this guitar.

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
I would think that this guitar could easily be worth two to three times more than what you are selling them for.

How would you rate customer support?
Thumbs up, you could not ask for better support.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
I have already started to promote this guitar to my friends and family. I have a friend that has a marten guitar and he can hardly wait to play mind.

Additional comments:
Keep up the good work, you have a quality product, and is nice to see the little guy get a piece of the action. Jealousy gets you nowhere, you need step up or step out, so don't get to discouraged about some negative comments.

Tempe, Arizona

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
It is beautiful and from my beginner perspective and my as yet un-calloused fingers, will be much easier to learn to play.

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
It is simply beautiful.

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
between 6 and 8 hundred.

How would you rate customer support?
Excellent, very responsive.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
I always prefer to buy products from craftsman who genuinely care about every detail and recommend such products to others whenever I can.

Additional comments:
I am very happy with every aspect of the purchasing process and am not at all disappointed with my guitar. In this economy, this sort of purchase seems a luxury, but because I am completely satisfied, I have no regrets or second thoughts.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Model: Travel Size Mahogany

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
It does not compare too much out there. This guitar is perfect right out of the box. EZ Play is exactly that, EZ to play. I have had (30+ year professionals) comment that it's probably one of the nicest guitars they ever played. Where did you get this guitar, they ask? What\'s that name again, they ask? I have friends that play, and when they come over to my home, the first thing they ask is, "where is the Zager?"

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
It's depndability and ease of playing!

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?

How would you rate customer support?
A+ There are only two companies I would even consider to give an A+. 1)Zager Guitar 2)Swarovski Optics

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
Yes! because I know my recommendation to others would never cause me embarassment.

Additional comments:
This is the second Zager guitar I have purchased and I am completely and 100% satisfied with the experience. Denny, thanks for doing what you do!

Providence, Rhode Island
Model: ZAD-80CE

How does this guitar compare with your old guitar, other guitars, or guitars you've tried in stores?
My Zager has better sound than the Martin that I owned. The action is way better than both of those guitars. I can play for at least an hour longer everyday and it is more rewarding to play as it is easier on the fingers. I do a lot of jams and more often than not 3-4 people gather around after the jam to try my Zager. My guitar stands out amongst the others in the jam. The sound is more crisp and the volume is great even without the amp. When I plug it into the amp people cannot believe the quality. I do not have to tune this guitar as often as the Martin and when I do it just has to be moved a 1000th of an inch to bring it right on. I have never owned a guitar that has kept tuned as nice as this one. I sit next to others in my jam sessions who have Martins and they cannot believe the quality of the sound that is coming from my guitar.

What's your favorite part about this guitar?
The quality of the sound and the quality of the guitar. I really take pride in taking this guitar out of the case and putting it on display. I am really proud to own this guitar.

If you didn't know the price of this guitar what would you estimate the price to be?
I would estimate this guitar to be in the 2200 to 3000 range.

How would you rate customer support?
Customer support is the best I have ever experienced. Zager takes pride in having \"delighted happy customers\". I am planning to buy another guitar from Zager.

Would you recommend this guitar to others…if so why?
I am planning to buy another Zager. That is the best recommendation anyone can make. Its one thing to say your happy with the product you bought, its another to say your are so happy that you want to buy another one.

Additional comments:
The quality of this guitar is amongst the finest that I have seen. The Abalone inlay is stunning. The action on this guitar is the best I have ever had. Zager has the best web site I have seen. If you want a great purchase experience an easy to play guitar that sounds awesome and the best support available check out You will be a delighted happy customer. Zager does not ship to Canada so I had mine shipped to the closest US border city. I drove 120 miles to pick it up. It was worth every bit of my time and I would do it all again for my next guitar from Zager.